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The Moment Before it All Went Wrong
Viveka Granič is a perfect fit for the international conceptual art scene. But when an unexpected visitor invades her own home, will art and life collide, or crash and burn? Responsibility and accountability meet desire and dread in this caustic, funny look at the meaning and costs of individuality. (2M, 2W)

  • PlayLab presentation, Great Plains Theatre Conference 2015
  • Workshop, Hunter Playwrights Festival 2015

Bonita jumped off a pier and never came up for air; now she and her survivors have to figure out where they’re going next. Deep grief, attempts at chess, helpful therapists, demanding teachers, and a bounty of disparate undersea creatures all play a part in this haunting and surprisingly funny story of a small family that has come undone. (2M, 3W)

  • Developmental premiere, Acadiana Repertory Theatre, September 2015
  • Finalist, 2014 Princess Grace Award
  • Mainstage Presentation, Great Plains Theatre Conference 2014
  • Semifinalist, 2014 Bay Area Playwrights Festival
  • Semifinalist, 2014 National Playwrights Conference, O’Neill Center
  • Presented in a reading by ESPA Drills at Primary Stages, August 2013

Drop of Kindness
Next year, but sideways:
In Lanna’s kitchen, in her childhood home behind its strong electrified fence, she works and writes and grows herbs in a drawer.  But when Gwennie returns – after more than 20 years – two sisters have to get reacquainted.  Stalwart Jerry is next door, Lanna’s faithful friend, but it is the magnetic, gorgeous James who draws both women to him like moths to a beacon of light.  A play about the perils inherent in an increasingly fractured society, with laughter and woe.

  • Presented in the Living Room Series, The Blank Theatre, Los Angeles, CA  September 2014
  • Workshop, Stella Adler Studios, April 2013
  • Semifinalist, 2013 National Playwrights Conference, O’Neill Center

The Insidious Impact of Anton
Francesca is a 30-something urbandweller who knows who's who and what's what, and will be more than happy to tell you exactly which is which.  She has it all, from the job that's not too demanding, to the superintendent ex-boyfriend who still fixes her plumbing (to speak in euphemism), to the gay friend next door.  Who needs ups and downs, she figures, when you can have contentment?  Then she meets Anton, a mysterious stranger who keeps turning up, and the oddest things start happening.  She gets fired from the cushy job.  Her friendships actually start to deepen.  And worst of all, she ends up dating Anton – a peculiar little man with an Eastern European accent.  Ultimately, Francesca has to face what it means to be alive, and what it means to be human. (4M, 3W)

  • Produced by Absolute Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (Winner, 7 StageSceneLA Awards including Outstanding Production, Comedy)
  • Winner, Ashland New Plays Festival, Ashland, OR
  • Finalist, Playwrights Week, Lark Play Development Center, New York, NY
  • Semi-Finalist, Next Generation Playwriting Contest, Reverie Productions, New York, NY

Leave the Room
Claire and her sister Anne have shared a lot in their lives, including their mutual ex-husband, Edgar, who has just died. Sitting shiva will bring these warring sisters, and the rest of their damaged family, together for the first time in a very long while. (3M, 4W)

  • Finalist, Playwrights Week, Lark Play Development Center, New York, NY
  • Finalist, Christopher Brian Wolk Playwriting Award, Abingdon Thtr. Co., New York, NY

Bay Orchard High
Lust. Revenge. Pom-poms. (2M, 4W)

  • Produced at INTAR 53 (Cullen Dumas Productions), New York, NY
  • Produced by Expanded Arts, New York, NY



Three One-Minute Plays
Inspired by prompts from other playwrights, these pieces include a meditation on loss and band-aids (2W); a couple in the middle of a crisis that takes them both by surprise (1M, 1W); and a pair of spies who evoke Ionesco more than espionage (1M, 1W).

  • Produced by ESPA/Primary Stages as part of Detention #7, New York, NY

Just exactly like
The elderly M and her longtime servant, Hattie, pass their days beneath the legs of a gigantic piano stool, but not everything (including race relations) is black and white. (2W)

  • Finalist, Heideman Award, National Ten-Minute Play Contest, Actors Theatre of Louisville
  • Produced by The Flea Theater as part of ‘pataplays, New York, NY

Virginia (a one-minute play)
The great state – I mean, commonwealth – of Virginia, and its proud traditions, stand tall. (1W, 2 any gender)

  • Produced by Clubbed Thumb’s “Pageant of the 50 States and More,” New York, NY

Maps (music by Gilles Chiasson)
Lynn is just out of a marriage that shouldn’t have been; Amanda is the spunky lesbian who sparks her interest. A short musical looking at courtship, break-up, and reconnection – and the importance of telling the truth, especially to yourself. (1M, 2W)

  • Presented by Clear Space Productions, Lewes, DE
  • Produced by Dixon Place’s WARNING: Not for Broadway Festival, New York, NY
  • Produced by Raw Impressions Musical Theater, New York, NY

Dinner Party!
Did they expect to come home to a bizarre game show? They did not. (3M, 3W)

  • Produced by Smatterfest, New York, NY
  • Produced at Ensemble Studio Theater, New York, NY



Hunter College (MFA, 2015)
National Theater Institute/O’Neill Theater Center
University of Pennsylvania