"Playwright David Hilder has a bone to pick with romantic comedy clichés, and those who share his objections will likely appreciate his smart, satirical upending of the genre...Quirky, genre-defying characters."
- L.A. Times

"Far be it for this reviewer to spoil the end-of-Act-One surprise playwright Hilder has in store for you or the many comic delights of Act Two. Suffice it to say that the surprise is probably not what you're expecting—and there are numerous reasons to return to your seat after intermission...theatergoers in search of romantic comedy with a bite could do no better than to seek it out. Anton's impact may well be insidious, but it's pretty darned appealing as well."
- StageSceneLA

"David Hilder successfully challenges the age old adage that maybe you actually can miss what you've never had. You should definitely check it out."
-LA Splash

"David Hilder's play is a whimsical and theatrical concoction – and it takes its central character, the early 30s Francesca, on a far-reaching journey "
-LA Stage Times